Cultural Chemistry in the media

Patti joins a BBC 5-Live panel discussion about racial stereotyping 

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The BBC asks Patti about Australia's Obsession with Big Things

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How to Succeed in Asia; in Conversation with ABC Radio's Del Irani

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Wall St Journal: Coaching Grows as Expats Seek Help Managing Change

The Wall Street Journal interviews some expat coaches, including Patti, about the service they provide. Please click here

Weekend Australian: Avoiding Cultural Pitfalls

Patti McCarthy & her client, the Performance Director of Transdev, are interviewed by The Weekend Australian about the value of cross cultural coaching. The pay wall prevents me from providing a link but please ask for a PDF

In Conversation with ABC Radio's Ali Moore

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In Conversation with ABC Radio's Steve Martin 2015

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In Conversation with ABC Radio's Jon Faine 2015

A year after the last interview, Patti and Jon talk more Cultural Chemistry on November 5 2015
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Crazy races in other countries

On the eve of Melbourne Cup 2015, Patti talks about races that stop other nations with Chris Illsley of 6PR in Perth

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In Conversation with ABC Radio's Jon Faine 2014 

Interview and talk back with ABC Radio 774 host Jon Faine
November 12 2014
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The Australian: Not every expat has a smooth transition 

October 15, 2011 12:00AM
GLOBAL mobility is on the rise as organisations work to stay competitive; however, relocating overseas needs careful management as failed assignments are costly and have negative ramifications for organisations and employees...Read More>

Patti talks to Melbourne 3AW's Alan Pearsall

What is Cultural Chemistry anyway and why is Julie Bishop wearing that headscarf in Iran? Listen here

Leading Company: Why Your Overseas Posting will Fail

Leading Company December 2012
New skills, new responsibility, a new adventure, a golden opportunity. Those are the terms often used to described overseas postings. But they’re tricky to get right, and left to sink or swim, many executives who are posted overseas come back disappointed, Patti McCarthy of Cultural Chemistry tells LeadingCompany... Read More>

Sydney Telegraph: 'Dumb blonde': Oz seen as la-la land

The Sydney Daily Telegraph & Mx Magazine, September 15 2011

Director of Cultural Chemistry Patti McCarthy said Aussie icons such as Crocodile Dundee and Neighbours warped the world's perception on Australians and the country's ability to wield corporate power.Read More>

Melbourne Weekly: How to call Australia home

Melbourne Weekly, March 23 2011

"The number one thing I do at Cultural Chemistry is manage expatriate's expectations.  I tell people they need to kiss a few frogs if they want to make friends in this country..."Read More>

Dynamic Business: Cross Cultural training - one for the birds?

Dynamic Business, September 2011

"...when it comes to cross cultural training it’s a case of ‘Diplomats do it, aid workers do it…’ but many people in the corporate sector feel that it doesn’t apply to them...."Read More >


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