I know that for many people cultural differences may be fascinating, 

but they can also be enormously frustrating…

Cultural Chemistry, the book.

Are you fascinated but frustrated by cultural differences? 

Have you stood on the edge of cultural ‘gaps’ and wondered how on earth to bridge them? 

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Working across cultures can be very challenging, both professionally and personally, but these cultural ‘gaps’ can be bridged. Cultural Chemistry combines strategy with knowledge, introducing you firstly to the Four R’s - an easy, four-step process for simplifying and improving your cross-cultural partnerships – and then exploring cultural differences, by meeting people and hearing stories from all over the world.

Whether you are a business traveller, an expatriate, have global clients, work in a multi-cultural team or are simply a holiday maker who wants to dig deeper, Cultural Chemistry will teach you;
Why reflecting on our own culture is so important
How to make a great first impression
Why our assumptions about people are often completely wrong 
Why what we say isn’t always what is heard
How to be an effective manager and motivator, whatever the culture

Cultural differences don’t have to be difficult.  By learning more about cultural variances and being prepared to turn off our cultural cruise-control, we really can make cross-cultural encounters both more rewarding and more enjoyable.

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About the author

Originally from the UK, Patti McCarthy is a 3CK (third-culture kid) who has lived and worked on five different continents and has spent two-thirds of her life as an expatriate. Through her business, Cultural Chemistry, she provides coaching and training to organisations wishing to embrace the opportunities which cultural diversity provides. She is also a regular media commentator and public speaker on the impact of cultural differences on everything from business expansion to childcare. She now lives in Oxford, UK. 
  Contact Patti McCarthy on +44 7944 636 091 or email:  patti@culturalchemistry.co.uk