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Patti McCarthy

Cultural Chemistry, the book!

"amazing cultural insights!", "excellent ideas on how to work with people from other cultures", "amazing - must read!" "highly informative", "leaves a lasting impact", "a must have for business"

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Culture is everywhere. Whenever two people meet, in business or in education, in government or in friendship, their deeply held values will influence the outcome of that meeting.

Engagement levels will rise or fall accordingly.

Values are acquired over a lifetime, from many different inputs and they are a bit like a toll booth on a highway. If you have the right 'money' you can get past easily, but if you put foreign coins into the machine, your way forward will be blocked. In people terms, this creates the notion of managers who can't manage, teachers who can't teach, employees who lack initiative, students who can't think and salespeople who can't sell.

In reality of course this is rarely true, but it's probably happened to most of us at some time. Many of us fail to recognise or understand cultural differences, often taking things personally when they are not. We often fail, too, to remember that we too have a cultural style and that it might be a challenge for others. Without the skills needed to reach across cultural gaps, we end up falling into them.

In today's global melting pot, we can no longer rely on cultural training based on country generalisations - they are certainly part of the answer, but there is much more besides. Developing self-awareness and flexibility is just as important, because you won't be able to change 'them', but you can change how you respond and you can bring about a better outcome.

Cultural training doesn't just benefit expatriates - although I do work with a lot of them - but anyone who is working with someone from somewhere else. Managers of international teams, educators, diplomats, students and sales personnel can all benefit from improving their 'cultural chemistry'.

I offer bespoke training and coaching services, based on a thorough assessment of your needs and often delivered over a period of months, in order to bring about lasting change. The focus is on the 4R's;

REWARDS: What are you hoping to gain?
Better employee engagement, overseas sales, new clientele, a stronger virtual team, happier expats?

RESEARCH: What do you need to know to improve your chances of success?
How to create a great first impression, manage culture shock, host a stand at a trade fair in China?

REFLECT: How do you respond to what is new and difficult?
Can you observe without judging? Show real empathy? Happily adapt to life in a very different country?

REACH OUT: How can you make a meaningful connection?
How can you connect when it sometimes feels that you and the other person are from different planets?

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