I can tell you a story about how the misunderstanding of cultural differences 

"Thank you Patti for giving us the tools with which to communicate respectfully and 

efficiently with our international customers and colleagues"

Patti McCarthy

Avoiding Cultural Pitfalls

Interview in The Weekend Australian  

Everything I do helps you to build either your Employee Engagement or your Customer Engagement.

I can tell you a story or give you an example of how the misunderstanding of cultural differences can affect every person in your organisation - and plenty of people outside it too. 

I offer bespoke training and coaching services, based on a thorough assessment of your needs and often delivered over a period of months, in order to bring about lasting change.  

Coaching and training are both is structured around the Four R's, a simple but effective model I developed for my book Cultural Chemistry;

REWARDS: What are you hoping to gain? 

Better employee engagement, overseas sales, new clientele, a stronger virtual team, happier expats?

RESEARCH: What do you need to know to improve your chances of success? 

How to create a great first impression, how to host a stand at a trade fair in China, how to negotiate with the Japanese, how to deliver feedback in France, how to deal with culture shock?

REFLECT: How will you respond to what you've learned?
Will you be able to observe rather than judge, be free from preconceived notions, avoid falling back on stereotypes, adopt a different management style, adapt to life in a very different country?

REACH OUT: How can you make a meaningful connection?
You want to be a great manager, an effective communicator, a successful salesperson, an inspiring team builder and leader - but how will you achieve this when it sometimes feels that you and your new client or employee are from different planets?

How might working with me help you? 

Almost everyone is now working with 'someone from somewhere else', but lots of people are neither comfortable or competent in the 'new' workplace.  We all know a story of an inter-cultural encounter that backfired; why wait until it happens to you?

Improving the cultural intelligence (CQ) of your people – whether expatriates or not - equips them to work more effectively with people from other cultures.  To be better leaders and better team players, better negotiators and better service providers. To enjoy their work and have others enjoy working with them. 

All of those things are good for them and good for business.

Cultural Chemistry, the book!

Cultural Chemistry: Simple Strategies for Bridging Cultural Gaps 

is an easy to read, but highly informative book, full of real life stories and practical strategies to help you become a more effective cross cultural communicator.


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